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Hello! I'm Seitou (or Calanthe if you follow me on Tumblr). Recently, I've completed graduate school and gotten my MA in English, and now I'm eagerly pursuing a career as a novelist. My area of interest is 19th century Gothic fiction, which informs nearly all of my writing (the subject of my thesis was the vampire and Victorian Decadence :D). I'm also interested in fairy tales and folklore as well as the revenge tragedies of the late 16th and early 17th centuries.

I'm not as active on dA as I once was, since I'm busy with writing, but I still post work here whenever I can.
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Since it usually takes me forever to complete stuff, I've decided to create a "Sketches and WIPs" folder in my gallery that way I can keep everyone updated with my progress on my current projects.  Technically, these pictures should probably go into "scraps," but I know that most people don't view the scraps gallery, plus I have so much horrible old crap in there that I just felt like it made more sense to create a new folder.  Hopefully, having this folder will encourage me to log into my DA account more often.

Also... I really can't wait for Sailor Moon Crystal.  Granted, I wasn't ever a super huge Sailor Moon fan, but I think that's mostly because the English dub was so horribly butchered.  And I'm sure it didn't help that Toonami used to air episodes out of their proper order >_>  Crystal looks like it'll be a good reboot of the anime; although I was iffy about all the CGI during the transformation sequence, I think it's grown on me, as have the new character designs even if I still prefer the less noodley '90s designs.  It's a comfort to know that the creator is more heavily-involved in this version.  I think the only thing that worries me is that the storyline will still be so episodic.  That's one of the things that makes it hard for me to enjoy a lot of older anime series like Sailor Moon; the plots weren't always very cohesive... but maybe they'll update the storyline in Crystal?  I hope they do something.  I remember not really caring for Sailor Moon so much until around the time the outer senshi were introduced, mainly because the storyline was much darker by that point in the series... but it looks like the reboot is only covering the first series... >_>;;;

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