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Cappuccino by Seitou Cappuccino by Seitou

What is Classical Lolita fashion?
Classical Lolita is one of the subsets of Lolita fashion, a style of street fashion that originated in Japan during the 1980s. The fashion is largely an adaptation of Victorian clothing, mimicking the attention to detail as well as the bell-shaped silhouette of the knee-length skirts that were worn by Victorian girls; Lolita fashion also borrows certain elements from the Rococo fashions of the 18th century. While the fashion stresses elegance and modesty, it largely builds on the principle that "dress is a form of art." Classical Lolita, in particular, is the most historically-oriented subset, as it aims to create a more mature look than the others, namely Sweet Lolita. As with all the other styles, Classical Lolita stresses modesty and elegance, but it places extra emphasis on elegance; this style is mature, refined, and classy, but also youthful. The most notable Classical Lolita brands include Innocent World, Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden, and Juliette et Justine.


This is another mostly-brown coordinate that I based on an outfit from the 1920s. The design features an empire waist with a chiffon neck-tie and matching chiffon lower-sleeves in blue and yellow polka dots; the faux wrap overskirt features a blue and cream kimono-inspired pattern. Because the dress is simple, I added a long strand of beads in cream and orange, and sheer stockings to match the neck-tie and lower-sleeves. For the head dress, I went with a brown turban that's decorated with cream and yellow calla lilies, since turbans were still popular in the '20s and I thought it might be a nice change of pace. Turbans haven't been used in Lolita outfits as far as I'm aware, and, while they probably won't go with most coordinates, they work with a more contemporary outfit like this. They're also another option for Lolitas who have very short hair and can't wear the giant bows and hair clips that are popular right now.

Dahlia ~Seitou
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popze Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I really like it :D
Althoug I don't think you'll ever see a real life classic lolita wear an outfit like that :)
She reminds me of a mori girl instead of classic lolita :)
And about the lolita genres, yea all of those you mentioned are accepted as lolita styles :D
The only one NOT accepted is the cosplay lolita.
About the bell shape, not entirely true, but very close :D
Classic, EGL and GL often use the bell form when wearing skirts, JSK's and OP's whilst sweet, country, hime and so on wear the cupcake form :3
Hope this was little form og help understading the lolita fashion. And all in all i just adore all the outfits you make! <3
With love from a danish lolita :D
Seitou Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, thanks ^_^ I agree it looks a little like mori girl... but then I usually wear mori girl and dolly kei when I don't wear lolita, so that's probably why XDDD;; But my goal is to replace the rococo and Victorian aesthetics with 1920's aesthetics for a more modern look ^_^

lol, cosplay lolita makes my eyes bleed x__x;; It's my understanding that a cupcake shape is the same thing as a bell shape. As far as I know, the only other skirt shape is an A-line shape, which is mostly seen in classic lolita.
pinkxxnightmare Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2010
Love it. Make me want to make this dress~
Alephaa Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2010  Student Digital Artist
like it! classic lolita <3
Alephaa Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2010  Student Digital Artist
like it! classic lolita <3
Vashtastic Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2010   Digital Artist
how many subcats of the lolita style exist? i really, really like the sleeves and the expression on her face.
Seitou Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The main styles are Sweet, Classic, and Gothic. There are also Country, Sailor, Hime, Wa, Shiro, Kuro, and Guro...? I think those are all the "accepted" subcategories. But there are also themed styles like pirate-loli, and steampunk-loli... and sometimes people blend Lolita with other street fashions like dolly-kei and mori-girl, so there's really an infinite number of possibilities out there. As long as the outfit conforms to the rules of modesty and has the right bell-shape, then it's probably lolita ^_^
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