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Rowen Caith Falburne by Seitou Rowen Caith Falburne by Seitou

Rowen Caith Falburne

Rowen is Fallene's older brother. He's also been one of the most difficult characters to design and has gone through many revisions; however, as I don't normally draw Rowen or post sketches of him, most people don't realize this XDD But Rowen's never been very fun to draw because he typically doesn't get a lot of fun outfits. His style tends to be more conservative and he wears a lot of neutral colors, so I tried to give his travel outfit a bit more character with little pops of green and yellow. He also tends to wear lots of over-sized bulky coats and lots of layers, which makes him really difficult to draw, so, like my picture of Fallene, this went through a ton of revisions. There are still some things I feel like I messed up― like his shoes― but, at this point, it's kind of silly worrying about that stuff.

The poster-style image is currently in the works, so there will be one more picture of Rowen. And, yes, the undead, pasty white complexion is intentional :P

EDIT: I updated the file with a newer version. Rowen's foot was bothering me too much, so I redid part of the inking and all of the coloring (although I kept most of the colors the same, lol).

Character & Art © ~Seitou
KadenDragon Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
This whole design is so wonderful!
I just love everything about it <333
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November 14, 2012
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