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I've been away for a pretty long time.  Oops.  I never really meant for that to happen.  I know I've been uploading less and less every year, but I just got off to a bad start in 2013.  I feel like I had a mini meltdown where I was just really depressed, feeling incompetent about my work and everything; the early part of the year just wasn't good, and my habit of being really critical and hard on myself didn't help matters any.  So I took a break from uploading and went back to basics-- studying anatomy, trying out different styles, and just sketching really sloppily because sketching is always relaxing. 

I finally got out of that rut earlier in August, and I feel a lot better now.  I think I might even be able to return to posting work more regularly.  However, that doesn't mean I'll be on DA more often.  I'll try... but it's been ages since I was really active on here, and now I just feel really out of sorts XDD  So much has changed.  I can't decide whether I like it :\ 

Anyway, I'm mainly on Tumblr these days: calantheandthenightingale.tumb…; So, if you want to keep in touch or know what I'm up to, then it's best to follow me on there.  When I have new art, I always post it there, but I also post sketches, WIPs, and detail shots.  That's also the place where I post about my novel-- and, speaking about my novel, I've been making great progress with that!  Even though I was in a rut with art, writing has always remained pleasant for some reason, and I finished the first draft of my novel a while ago.  I'm currently editing (I hope to be done by Thanksgiving), and then I'll get to start querying agents.  That part still scares me a bit o__o

As always, for anyone who missed earlier posts and has no clue what novel I'm talking about, here's a more polished summary (compared to what I'd given you guys before):

In the late nineteenth century, a very unpleasant fifteen-year-old girl named Heather is orphaned and sent to live with her aunt in the countryside.  There, she finds the estate desolate after many years of neglect, and its few remaining inhabitants prove to be just as uninviting, the gloomy halls having long since hardened their spirits.  It does not help matters any that Heather is already the subject of much gossip after her father's sudden death; she is ignored, openly disliked, and even feared by the servants and her own reclusive cousins.  However, she is welcomed by her aunt, a sickly woman, whose show of kindness may come too late.  Forever stubborn and prideful, Heather promises herself that she will never accept her new home, but it's a promise that she might soon come to regret, for even though life in the country is unpleasant, it's far from dull; Heather encounters eccentric personalities, family secrets, and old superstitions while learning about her new home, but her curiosity might get her into trouble when she discovers an abandoned manor house in the nearby woods.  In spite of the rumors that surround the old house, she finds herself drawn to it― as well as the young man who still keeps after its beautiful garden.

The story is loosely adapted from one of the lesser-known Grimms' fairy tales; however, the novel, while incorporating some fairy tale elements, mostly follows in the Gothic tradition.

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littlechakita101 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist
I swear, as god is my witness. I will buy every book you produce. I am your biggest flock of ravens fan.
Nibilondiel Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Professional General Artist

Oh, I just know how you feel. I had hard time this year, really hard. I've lost some of my pasion for drawing... and I posted only few things this year... wowo, I remeber when I used to draw every day. Now... i'm just tired.

Seitou Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sometimes, I feel like maybe I'm just getting old and tired |DDD;;  Because even though I still do artwork every day, it just keeps taking me longer and longer to finish stuff.  I remember being able to finish inking and coloring a piece all within the span of a week, and now it sometimes takes me a couple weeks just to complete the inking process @___@ 
Nibilondiel Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Professional General Artist
YES - That sounds like me. I used to do whole piece in two, three days, and it was picture with a full backgrund. Now? I'm happy when I finish one sketch in three days. 
Seitou Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh man, sketching takes me forever, too D:  I think it's because, after all these years, I'm much more aware of my mistakes, so keep putting in more time in an effort to correct everything.  And that doesn't bother me so much... but then I see all these other amazing artists who are able to complete huge, complex works in like... a few hours XDDDD  I keep wondering what I'm doing wrong XDD;;
Nibilondiel Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Professional General Artist
God, watching other artists make me feel bad about myself D:
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September 16, 2013